Our Ramen

Ramen is Japan’s comfort food, and like all good comfort food the secret is really care and time.

Our broths are prepared daily for over 18 hours and the noodles are made fresh daily to complement our 3 different styles of broth.

Our “tonkotsu” (pork-bone) ramen is prepared in the Hakata style with a slow simmered pork bone and vegetable broth and thin, firmer, and not curly noodle.

Our “shio” (salt) ramen is a blend of pork, chicken and bonito for a lighter yet very flavourful broth with a thicker noodle.

And our Okinawa soba is a pork and seafood broth with a thick soda noodle.

Experienced ramen master Kazuhisa Iwasaki, has over 15 years experience in the art of ramen including over 10 years experience in Japan with the Ippudo chain, one of Japan’s most recognized ramen houses and another 3 years establishing Ippudo New York.

By slowly simmering ingredients at different times to bring out the unique flavours of each ingredient, the resulting broth is rich and creamy without the addition of thickeners and never any chemical enhancers.

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