In the traditional Okinawa fashion, Ryoji Toronto’s contemporary izakaya menu draws inspiration from many cultures, our local surroundings and seasonal ingredients.

Working with Kaiseki trained Chef Tetsuya Shimizu, with over 15 years experience in Tokyo, the Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver, and Sous Chef at Yours Truly in Toronto, the menu leads with a modern flare of Japanese cuisine while staying true to Okinawan roots.

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Dinner Menu

Hot Tapas

Goya Champru     12

Stir fried bitter melon slices, tofu, scrambled egg and pork belly slices.

Tofu Champru (Okinawa Style Tofu)     12

Stir fried tofu, bean sprouts, pork belly slices and nira leek.

Taco Rice     12

Seasoned ground beef on a bed of rice, topped with greens, cheddar and salsa, served in a Japanese stone bowl.

Deep Fried

Nanban (Fried Chicken)     13

Traditional southern Japanese style kara-age, dipped in sweet and sour soy and served with house tartar sauce.

Gyoza     7

Deep fried seasoned beef dumplings served with soy sauce, scallions and chili sauce.

Zucchini Fritters     9

Fresh zucchini fritters dusted with garlic and parmesan and served with aosa sour cream.

Takoyaki (With House Tartar Sauce)     8

Fried, ball-shaped battered octopus, with sweet soy reduced sauce and house tartar sauce.

Ebi Mayo     13

Tiger shrimp tempura served with Ryoji’s chili and squid ink aioli, dusted with “aonori.”

Chicken Wings     10

With Yuzu Kosho flavoured, house pickled red peppers.

Atsuage (Okinawa Style Tofu)     7

Deep fried tofu with scallions and ginger soy sauce.

Cold Fare

Sashimi Salad Garden     14

Seasonal sashimi served with soy onion and yuzu vinaigrette, and mesclun greens.

Today’s Sashimi     (Seasonal pricing)

The freshest, choicest sashimi available on the market today.

Cucumber Wasabi     6

Cucumber cured with fresh wasabi essence.

Edamame     5

Edamame boiled with salt.

Takowasa     6

Diced octopus marinated with wasabi stems and sea kelp. Served with “nori.”

Okinawa Ji-ma-mi Tofu     9

Okinawa peanut tofu made fresh daily, served with Ryoji’s original reduced sweet soy sauce.

Fresh Oysters    9

3 fresh oysters served with ponzu mignonette, horseradish and lemon.


Tonkotsu     Reg 13.5/Mini 9

Egg white noodles in a rich and silky pork bone broth, served with chasu, bean sprouts, scallions, and kikurage mushrooms. Regular size Tonkotsu Ramen is served with a soft-boiled egg.

Spicy Miso     Reg 14.5/Mini 10

Our “Tonkotsu” ramen noodles and soup served with spicy miso, ground pork, chashu, bean sprouts, scallions, and kikurage mushrooms.

Garlic Oil     Reg 13.5/Mini 10

Our “Tonkotsu” ramen noodles and soup served with garlic oil, yaki-nori, chashu, bean sprouts, scallions, and kikurage mushrooms.

Special Tonkotsu     Reg 17.5

Our “Tonkotsu” ramen noodles and soup served with two soki pork back ribs, menma, spinach, chashu, bean sprouts, scallions, kikurage mushrooms, and a marinated soft-boiled egg.

Shio     Reg 13.5/Mini 9

Whole egg noodles in a lighter chicken/pork mixed broth, served with chashu, leek, “konbu” seaweed, fish cakes and yaki-nori. Regular size SHio Ramen is served with a soft-boiled egg.

Shoyu     Reg 13.5/Mini 9

Whole egg noodles in a lighter chicken/pork mixed broth seasoned with Ryoji’s signature soy sauce, and topped with chashu, cabbage, menma, leek, and yaki-nori. Regular size Shoyu Ramen is served with a soft-boiled egg.

Vegetable     Reg 13.5/Mini 9

Whole egg noodles served in konbu and shitake mushroom broth, served with thinly sliced celery, carrots and leeks, kpea shoots and bell ppers, and topped with garlic chips, black pepper and basil oil.

Pai Tan     Reg  13.5

Chicken based broth served with whole egg noodle, scallions, cabbage, mushrooms, soft boiled egg and slice chicken chashu.

Okinawa So-Ki Soba     Reg 14.5

A traditional thicker Okinawan soba noodle in a light bonito and pork flavoured broth, served with scallions, red pickled ginger, pork back ribs, aosa seaweed, and a side of “koregusu” vodka in fused with chili peppers.

Ramen Extras

  • So-ki (pork back ribs)     4.5
  • Chashu (braised pork belly slices)     3
  • Kara Miso (spicy miso with ground pork)    2
  • Kurokogashi (garlic oil)     2
  • Menma (bamboo shoots)     2
  • Naruto (sliced fish cake)     2
  • Ni Tamago (marinated soft boiled egg)     2
  • Yaki-Nori (roseted seaweed)     1.5
  • KaeDama (refill noodles typically added to any remaining soup)    2


Sata Andagi     9

Two freshly prepared Okinawan doughnuts drizzled with chocolate sauce. (May require time as our sata andagi is prepared fresh to order.

Walnut Creme Brulee     7

A rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel.

Mochi Ice Cream (4 pieces)     8

Ask your server for the flavours of the day.

Gratuity of 15% will apply to groups of six or more.